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3.0: Player Moves

Early/Later Surrender are among the most uncommon options at the blackjack table, since they are favorable for the player and can nullify the...

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4. Conclusion

We’ve covered pretty much all there is to know about blackjack and you should now be ready to start playing confidently. You should pick a nice blackjack table to start at with a friendly dealer, sit down, and start...

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Blackjack Strategy Table

6 decks, S17 (dealer stands on 17's), DAS (double after split), No Surrender, Peek (dealer has 2 initial cards)

Approximate casino edge for above rules: 0.44 %


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Don't rely on luck. It takes skill to play multiplayer blackjack. There is a luck factor just as in traditional blackjack, but skill is a key element. Practice blackjack basic strategy, learn the successful strategies of professional players, and take the time to go over the rules of the...

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Blackjack, originally vingt-et-un (“twenty one” in French), also known as twenty-one, 21 and pontoon, is the most popular traditional card game in casinos worldwide. Blackjack draws such huge popularity from the unique combination of luck, skill, decision making, and the...

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AC & G Software Ltd. is a young, dynamic company formed by three programmers (and, not incidentally, Blackjack enthusiasts). We're dedicated to producing high-quality software at a price that won't empty your pocket.

Blackjack 2021, our Blackjack...

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You are the best Blackjack player in the world when you use Blackjack 2021 since you always make the best possible play! Blackjack 2021 tells you whether your next hand is likely to win according to the cards left in the deck, it counts the cards for you!

Blackjack Analyzer...

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Blackjack Tips - Online Blackjack gambling advice and tips
More information on Blackjack: Blackjack Software

Blackjack Favorable Rules for Players

  • Early Surrender: Lets players lose (surrender) only...
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Blackjack terms, glossary, meaning of words:
Black Jack Terminology, Jargon, Slang, Vocabulary.

  • Anchor - Last taken sit to the dealer's right.
  • Banker - In a card game, dealer or the players who books the action of the other bettors at the table....